Is a $20 subscription to ChatGPT Plus worth it?

Absolutely! I believe it is truly worth it.

I have been subscribed for 4 months now

I have tried a few subscriptions in the past, including POE, Notion AI, ChatPDF, and ChatGPT Plus.

In the end, I only stuck with ChatGPT Plus, and I have been continuously subscribed for 4 months now, with plans to stay subscribed long-term. I use it every day, even though the front-end UI is not the best.

My account is shared between me and my partner. She is pursuing a PhD and mainly uses it for academic research and discussions on education topics. I use it for my everyday work in product design and software development.

We mostly use GPT4. Before the increased limits, we often reached the usage cap and even had some clashes. But ever since ChatGPT increased the limits without raising the price, we haven’t encountered any usage issues.

I use both ChatGPT and Claude. I have a membership for ChatGPT, while Claude is using a free account. I also integrate OpenAI’s API into some wrapper applications for tasks like reading and translation.

My Conversation Topics

Instead of just explaining why it is worth it, let me share with you some of my most frequently used conversation topics. I picked the top 10 that I use the most, and a few of them have surpassed 500 rounds of conversation:

  1. Startup Mentor Musk: I use this conversation to simulate Elon Musk and seek guidance for new innovative projects. We discuss topics like marketing, creativity, and investment. It has been around 200 rounds.
  2. Code Writer Alex: In this conversation, I simulate an engineer proficient in front-end development and browser extension development using ChatGPT’s Advanced Data Analysis. We have had 530 rounds of dialogue focused on code writing and debugging.
  3. Reading Assistant: I loaded a network request plugin and a PDF reading plugin for this conversation. It assists me in reading online articles quickly. I don’t use it as often but when I have multiple articles to read on a particular topic, it becomes quite handy.
  4. Parenting Expert: In this conversation, I simulate a parenting expert well-versed in “The Parenting Encyclopedia.” We discuss topics related to child health, psychology, and development. Since I have a two-year-old child, this conversation has been helpful.
  5. Product Assistant: Here, I simulate an intermediate-level product manager proficient in product design to assist me with daily tasks like creating product design documents and generating PRDs (Product Requirement Documents). There are many text-related conversations, and it has crossed 500 rounds of dialogue.
  6. Naming Advisor for Domains and Products: I loaded two network request plugins and provided some naming methods and examples. This conversation helps me with naming new products and checking the availability of domain names.
  7. Health Expert: I simulate a personal doctor who analyzes my medical reports and health status. It provides excellent insights for minor health issues and suboptimal health conditions. In terms of general medical consultations, AI has great potential.
  8. Company Interpersonal Relations Analysis: I simulate a management mentor who helps me analyze interpersonal issues with colleagues and gives me management advice. Sometimes, the analysis is so spot-on that it surprises me.
  9. Steve Jobs: I simulate Steve Jobs to critique and review my product designs and ideas. Sometimes, the feedback can be direct and harsh, following the infamous Jobs’ temperament (although I specifically requested for a more demanding Jobs).
  10. ChatShelf Product Design Assistant: Since I’m currently developing a project called ChatShelf, a browser extension that helps ChatGPT users save knowledge to Notion, I created this assistant to manage project documents, copywriting, and marketing plans. I provide it with all the documents related to this project, and it offers various suggestions, including research, marketing, project management, and market analysis. I have also loaded a network request plugin for it, so it can conduct simple market competitor analysis when needed.
ChatShelf, Save ChatGPT To Notion

These are just a few examples. If you have any other questions or are curious about anything else, feel free to leave a comment and ask me!